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DCAT Investor Information

DCAT CP is privately placed by three Placement Agents: BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays, and J.P. Morgan.

The CP issued by DCAT is rated A1 by Standard & Poor's and F1 by Fitch Ratings.

The CP placement memorandums provided to investors by BofA Merrill Lynch, Barclays, and J.P. Morgan are attached.

DCAT operates a fully supported CP program. Back-up liquidity in an amount sufficient to provide liquidity support for one hundred percent (100%) of all outstanding DCAT CP is provided by Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation ("CFSC") through the Dealer Loan Purchase Agreement.

DCAT is a maturity matched program. The proceeds of CP issued by DCAT can only be used to "match fund" short-term loans to approved borrowers (Please see About DCAT - Eligibility to Borrow from DCAT). For each outstanding CP obligation, DCAT holds one or more loans with the same aggregate Face Amount and maturity date as the CP issued to fund the loan. Under the terms of the Dealer Loan Purchase Agreement, CFSC is required to purchase any DCAT loan which is not paid at maturity (including any loan which cannot be renewed at maturity because of the inability of DCAT to sell CP to pay maturing CP).

Caterpillar machines, engines and parts are marketed through independently owned and operated dealerships.  DCAT makes loans to such independent dealers. 

Caterpillar Inc. supports these independent dealers by providing them with specialization and assistance in the areas of finance, parts, sales and service and after sales support.  The services provided by Caterpillar include:

  • inventory planning and counsel
  • repurchase of surplus Caterpillar parts at current net prices
  • parts availability of 95% within 48 hours
  • personnel training
  • marketing support and counsel

To view DCAT memorandum for CP marketed by BofA Merrill Lynch (PDF format), click here.

To view DCAT memorandum for CP marketed by Barclays (PDF format), click here.

To view DCAT memorandum for CP marketed by J.P. Morgan (PDF format), click here.

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The commercial paper program of the U.S. Caterpillar® dealers