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CATD Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional, cost-effective and valuable financial services to our members including:
  • Short-term working capital loans through DCAT, LLC,

  • Like-kind exchange facilitation through CATD Exchange Services, LLC, and

  • The dissemination of information to assist them in evaluating the cost of services offered by third-party providers.
To be innovative and look for new ways and opportunities to enhance the benefits of membership in CATD, including the development of other services that may reduce the operating expenses of our members.

To always display the enthusiasm and professionalism expected of a member of the Caterpillar dealer network.

CATD Company Overview

The Cooperative Association of Tractor Dealers, Inc. ("CATD") is a management company owned by independent Caterpillar equipment dealers. CATD manages the commercial paper program of DCAT, LLC ("DCAT") and the operations of CATD Exchange Services, LLC (“CES”). CATD has been in operation since 1981 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

DCAT makes short-term working capital loans to the members of CATD and other entities who sell (or whose wholly owned subsidiaries sell) equipment supplied by Caterpillar. DCAT issues investment grade commercial paper ("CP") and uses the proceeds solely to fund its loan program. DCAT operates a "maturity matched" program; all loans have the same maturity dates as the CP issued to fund them.

CES provides qualified intermediary ("QI") services to CATD members and their affiliates to facilitate the like-kind exchanges of commercial assets.

To learn more about CATD, DCAT, the DCAT commercial paper or loan program or the QI services offered by CES please browse this site. All terms in underlined blue font are defined in the Glossary of DCAT Terms. If you would like to contact the staff of CATD, please visit our Contact page.